Your Family Budget: Control the Game

Creating a family budget...does the thought make you cringe or feel overwhelmed?

Many people feel that way, so you're in good company. But if you've decided to finally take control of your family finances and stop living pay check to pay check, you're in the right place!

While researching personal finance you've no doubt come across lots of information on investing and ways to leverage your assets that offer promises of riches, and you've encountered scores of companies offering to get you out of debt.

There's no question - investing your money wisely and finding ways to leverage your assets are very important - but until you've built a basic financial foundation using a family budget, you may be risking your family's ability to enjoy life today, accomplish your dreams, and eventually retire comfortably.

Developing a family budget can be time consuming. Knowing, step-by-step, how to make a budget, will save you a lot of time and frustration.

You don't need to be a financial wizard, lucky, or born rich to accumulate wealth -- which is our ultimate goal. But you do need a plan.

And whether you call it financial planning, financial management, or plain old money management, you need to know some basic, time tested rules.

These rules are generally not complicated. In fact, our grandparents would call them common sense. Some people are convinced and some others are trying to convince you, that we now live in a world of complex finances.

Generally, the more complex your finances become the more risk you will be taking.

The simple rules found here are as true today as they were in years past and they work for most of us.

Let's get back to your family budget. Knowing where all of your money goes is the difference between success and stress. Believe it or not, even small amounts matter. Click the button on penny pinching to see what I mean.

Today, more than ever, you need to know how to control your spending, stay out of debt, build up savings, invest for the future, and plan your retirement.

In family financial coach (FFC) you will find step by step instructions called "practice and exercise" to help you get started and to move forward. Our goal is to cover as many aspects of the financial planning process as possible. Budgeting is the first step!

If you don't find what you need now, be sure to stop back soon to see what's new.

Personal Budgeting
A written personal budgeting plan is your basic playbook to successfully managing your money.
Budgeting Income and Inflows
By budgeting income you begin to create your offense. Offense is maximizing your income and keeping as much as possible to save and invest to create "wealth."
Budgeting Expenses
By budgeting expenses you are beginning to set up your defense against unintentional overspending.
Fixed Expenses
Reviewing fixed expenses is the easier of the two expense categories (fixed and variable) to complete.
Variable Expenses
Variable expenses are usually "wants" and not necessarily "needs". These are sometimes hard choices.
Household Debt
Household Debt - Know Your Competition: Creditors are competing for your money, too.
Making a budget
Making a budget... Draft Your Playbook
Total Household Debt - Determining Potential Weak Spots
Total Household Debt - Reviewing whether or not you do have too much debt.
Debt Free Living
Debt Free Living - Getting in Shape
Paying off Debt
Create your plan for paying off debt quickly and efficiently
Housing Debt Ratios - Defending Your Home Base
Housing debt ratios are used to by lenders when granting loans. Do your's fit the guidelines?
Consumer Debt
Consumer Debt Find how Much is too Much, if you have credit card debt.
Managing Debt in the Red Zone
Managing debt from the Red Zone requires a strategy
Credit Counseling - Help from the Red Zone
Digging your way out of red zone may require help from a credit counseling firm
Negotiating Debt
Negotiating debt - knowing the rules gives you an advantage.
Bankruptcy an Alternative Solution to Red Zone Debt
Bankruptcy may be the ultimate solution for debt when you run out of options.
Penny Pinching for Retirement
Penny Pinching: A Game of Inches played by financially successful people; accumulating savings and wealth generally is done "by the inch," not by striking it rich
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